The crypto opportunity
With the way of cryptocurrencies are the possibilities nearly endless, it could easy send or changed into a lot of other currencies like dollars

  or euros, without high transaction fees like normal bank services. The most power of it is to work with them on exchanges, buy or sell them

  to other cryptocurrencies and lend, hold or invest them into worldwide fluctuate currency markets and if you are not totally indignant about

  it you will make profit. The easiest way to get coins is to claim it over faucets, the amounts are not high and mostly send to a microwallet,

  then you could send it to your crypto address, here is a list from faucets i use happy claiming for all.
Opinion surveys and tasks
If you want to use a safe way then this surveys and tasks are the best form, simply log in to such sites like or any similar

  page, normally for every country available. Answer the questions or make the tasks and you will get paid for it, the reward depends on how

  many questions or the prescribed period, to cash out collect till you have reach the pay out limit and then send it to your preferred way.
Ptc and Traffic surf sites
On Ptc (pay to click) and Traffic surf sites you should click a lot of advertisements or let timer run out. You must click hundreds of them to

  earn small amounts, most of the time they are to use between other actions, to fill gaps of time while a other site is loading or to wait a

  few seconds, it´s not really profitable when you calculate the time you need to get a dollar.
Non-Fungible Token
NFTs or the thing with the little pictures which are saved on different blockchains, this is my collection on OpenSea GeraldoMilliardos.
Variants of poker
Poker is one of the few games where you don't play against the bank, you play with and against other players. This is very interesting

  for making a good profit and with a little bit luck there are huge wins on the tables, here are some of my best hands that i played.


□ ■ □ If the bank dosen´t give you a good rate, make your own reserach and look for a good way □ ■ □