Another form is to make music not even if you can play a instrument, the real tones are from every noise that rung out, recorded, loop it
and use them in music applications to create your own sound. With a good sense of tact and good working ears it´s not so complicated

to create short samples, for longer parts you need a good sounding melody which is in harmony with the whole composition.

Even the greatest musician has started with small steps or do you think everyone is born with the talent of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

or the fabulous voice of Aretha Louise Franklin, the most of us must practice really hard, here are some mixes.
Russell - Mundo Azul

Dubstar - Tribe Project

Plump DJ’s - Silver Haze

Funkerman - Zimpala
Monday night house

Tuesday night house

Wednesday night house

Thursday night house

Friday night house

Saturday night house

Sunday night house
Music is also known as a key to happiness and in our time where everybody has

loudspeakers sound is everywhere to hear. It brings satisfaction and in some cases

it have healing forces and if you can dance it has a good physical effect to your body.
..::(◕‿◕✿) (◡‿◡❀) Don´t be a end user be the creator (✿◠‿◠) (✖‿✖)::..